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  1. How long does it all take?
    Usually 2 - 3 weeks. Fridays are key cut offs for orders as the order processing and label printing takes a full week in the height of our season. Print lists are generated weekly from sales order reports so it’s not as easy as you may think just to slot in late orders. However if you’ve missed all the deadlines it’s still worth phoning and asking whether we can fit you in, though you will sacrifice your discounts if your order has to be added manually.

  2. Do I have to pay with order?
    Only for purely sample orders. For your main orders, when we despatch your order we will email an invoice to you and you will have 14 days to pay from despatch date. We can only enter one email address into our accounts software so we ask this to be the main contact’s email address rather than the treasurer’s as we also use the software to generate the list for our email newsletters.

  3. Can I pay by card?
    Yes you can but we'd definitely prefer you to use a debit card rather than a credit card. Even better for us is by bank transfer - our bank details are on the invoice or you can pay us by cheque.

  4. Can I change the order once it’s placed?
    Up to 9 days before the start of the delivery week this isn’t a problem and we will send you a replacement order confirmation. Each weekend the reports are run which generate the print lists for the labels. We start printing on Monday for the week commencing 7 days later. Once that process is underway then changes and additions are manual and prone to expensive errors. Yes its still possible but ALL discount will be lost and if labels have been printed for cancelled puds you will be charged for these.

  5. How are the puddings sent?
    They come by Parcelforce on a 2 day service.  They will require a signature on delivery. You will have a ‘week ending’ delivery date on your order confirmation and if you have a specific deadline this will be noted. On despatch, you will get an email from parcelforce with the tracking details of your consignment. On the parcelforce website you’ll be able to check its progress and see when it’s out for delivery from your local depot. PLEASE CHECK THAT THERE IS NO DAMAGE BEFORE SIGNING. Please note, that we cannot accept any claims if its more than 48 hours since delivery, so even if the delivery looks OK, please check it as soon as you can. Sorry this is Parcelforce’s rule not ours.

  6. What is the shelf life and where should I store them?
    They need cool, dry storage. Please avoid cupboards beside boilers, ovens or fridges. The other important factor is that they must be the right way up. This is especially important for Christmas puddings - they aren’t tightly sealed and if stored upside down or on their sides syrups can leak out and mess up the packaging. Christmas puddings will usually have 2 Christmases when supplied to you - we sometimes offer extra mature puddings with only one Christmas on them. Sponge puddings have 8 months shelf life from the date they are made. All sponges supplied from September will be good until after Christmas.

  7. Only part of my order has arrived
    Cases are collated into boxes so, for example, 12 cases will be delivered as 3 boxes. Consignments can get split and sometimes come out on separate vans or separate days. If you check the Parcelforce labels they will tell you the total number of boxes you should have received. If there are some missing from this number confirm this with the driver, check the tracking and get in touch with Parcelforce if they don’t arrive within 24 hours. Email us if they aren’t helpful.  If we’ve not sent the full order from here then email us and we’ll sort it out.

  8. I can’t find my samples or labels
    We tuck these in anywhere we can. Sometimes samples tuck upside down between the pudding bowls in the cases. There should be a ‘samples in here’ sticker on the case.  All your labels will be together, sometimes on one roll.

  9. My order has arrived but I’ve not had an invoice
    First please check your junk box. If it’s not there email quoting your account code in the subject line and we’ll send you a copy.

  10. What is my account code?
    You’ll find this on your order confirmation or sales invoice. It will usually be an up to eight digit  code which starts with the first 3 letters of your organisation name as you entered it. If you put the code in the subject heading of your emails its massively more helpful to us than, say ‘Christmas pudding order’ or even ‘St Mary’s Church’.

  11. Can you make nut free puddings?
    No, sorry we can’t. Our ‘factory’ is tiny and everything is made in the same area. Of course we clean down properly but nut free requires dedicated areas and equipment as normal clean down can’t eliminate all traces of this serious allergen. We just don’t have the space for this.

  12. May contain mustard???

    We also make lovely Sri Lankan chutneys for which we grind mustard seeds. Like nuts, we are obliged to declare the use of mustard if it is used in any recipes.

  13. Why can’t we have individual sized sponge puddings like the tasting samples?
    We sell limited numbers of sponge samples but they are heavily subsidised. Making mini sponges is so labour intensive that it’s just not economic unless you can charge Fortnum and Mason prices.

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ultimate plum pudding testimonials

We bought The Ultimate Plum Pudding from the shop at Low Sizergh Barn. The pudding lived up to its name and was lovely.

Sean Ward

I just wanted to congratulate you on your Ultimate Triple Ginger pud, which I had from the Wine Society. Best ever ginger anything that I've ever tried!

Richard Clarke

I received 'The Ultimate Chocolate Pudding' as a gift for Christmas.  It was absolutely delicious.  Where can I buy this product.

Sarah Trott

My brother who hates Christmas puddings had a small slice and then asked for another piece’  I was astonished.

Jane King

Not being a great lover of Christmas pudding it remained uneaten until summer. We decided we better eat it rather than go to waste! It is the best pudding I have ever tasted.

Ruth Vanner

The Plum pudding we took to North Norfolk for a family get together between christmas and new year and everyone thought it was spectacular (even Jane my partner who is not a fan of christmas pudding)

Martin Hamilton

None of my family would eat xmas puddings until we ate yours… and now everyone does.

Jilana Fallows

Excellent chutneys and excellent on line service.

Carole Smith

Delicious & great presents too!

Amanda Shaw

Having just purchased, (and consumed!) one of your Ultimate Plum Puddings, I simply had to commend you on your truthful description of an absolutely first class pudding.

Joan Thom

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